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Well, here we are in this handbasket.

What the fuck, guys.

What. The. Fuck.

It's been six months since I last posted, and the world is so much worse. Or, well, it isn't worse, but my awareness of just how shitty it is has increased about ten fold, and it is fucking awful.

I have written about 1000 words total since inauguration day. I'm marching, and organizing, and doing a whole shit ton of other stuff, but I haven't been writing. And I'm tired of not writing, because writing brings me joy (so does the other stuff, but a different kind), and Donald Fucking Trump does not get to suck all the joy out of my life. So I decided to set up a hurt/comfort BINGO card for myself.

If anyone is still here and still reading and would like me to write something specific for them in exchange for a small donation to Planned Parenthood, the International Rescue Committee, Propublica or the Center for Investigative Journalism, Emily's List, or the Sierra Club or the Environmental Defense Fund (fuck, the world is awful), let me know. I'm still mostly in hockey these days, but after inauguration I fell down the rabbit hole that is Avengers fandom, where the fic is good and Captain America might have saved us from ourselves (no one said my id was subtle).

Current hockey universes that I'm happy to write in are the Shattuck-St. Mary's Kane/Toews AU and 10,000 Wars. In addition to Kane/Toews, I'll write Seguin/Benn and Sid/Geno, and also McDavid/Strome in the 10,000 Wars 'verse.

In Avengers, I will write a lot of different pairings, but especially: Steve/Tony, Steve/Tony/Bucky, Tony/Bruce, Steve/Tony/Bruce, and Steve/Natasha/Bucky. For others, just ask and I'll see if I can make it work.

ETA: If it's crossed out, it means it's been claimed.

fever / delirium post-traumatic stress disorder motion sickness exhaustion allergic reaction
minor injury/illness comfort food or item / feeding someone job-related trauma backrubs / massages abandonment issues
major injury / illness estrangement WILD CARD cuddling food poisoning
panic attacks headaches / migraines washing / bathing someone nausea touch-starved
hiding an injury / illness therapy poisoning telepathic trauma insomnia

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ooooh, pick me!

I'd love job-related trauma in the 10,000 Wars 'verse - Kane/Toews with a side of any other listed pairing (or whatever the hell you feel like writing at the time - I just love this 'verse)

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No prompt because my brain is mush, but commenting to say hard same. I have written 0 words that aren't work. All I can do is edit video, and even that feels harder than it did.
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YAY for getting back to the writing. We all need our happy places, the activities that are for pleasure alone.

If you are so interested, I would love a Steve/Tony/Bucky story with Abandonment Issues. And for that, I will make a $25 donation to Emily's List because as we all know, Early Money Is Like Yeast!
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Or, well, it isn't worse, but my awareness of just how shitty it is has increased about ten fold, and it is fucking awful.

This is me, too. Like I do think things have actually changed for the worse, but also I am now finally paying attention to what they were already like. :\

If you are up to it, I would like to request Sid/Geno food poisoning. I'll probably drop some money to Pro Publica unless you have another charity on that list you'd especially like money going towards.
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Still here, still reading and also horrified at the current direction of the political climate... I'm trying to help refugees and homeless people in what small ways I can, but it's hard not to feel discouraged when things are going so wrong on a global scale. Still, I do believe that everything we can do to help a single person makes all the difference, even if it's just providing them with good food for a day.


Oooh, do you write Steve/Bucky, too? Because touch-starved would be so excellent for those two.

If you don't care for the pairing, I would also be ridiculously happy with Kane/Toews and telepathic trauma.

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I will take insomnia for $100, Alex. Kane/Toews or Yuuri/Viktor from YoI (because I am trash).

Chances are high that I will be making a contribution to Kim Weaver (running against Steve King in IA-4) and/or Kathie Allen (running against Jason Chaffetz in Utah) by the end of the week.
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Steve/Tony/Bucky, headaches/migraine, please and thanks?


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Can I claim cuddling? Kane/Towes in either Shattuck-St Mary's or 10,000 Wars? I adore both of those series. I'll donate in Mike Pence's honor ;)

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Can I claim estrangement? Connor/Dylan
Edited 2017-03-29 09:51 (UTC)

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(I'm wildfoot over on AO3!)

I totally understand the feeling of being stuck, with regards writing. It's been rough. This is a nice idea, though, and I'd love to claim fever/delirium for Kane/Toews in 10,000 Wars!

My donation will be to Clean Ocean Action, which does a lot of environmental work in my state, in honor (ugh) of 45's roll-back of environmental regulations.

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Steve/Tony, comfort food
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For preference in a world where Steve is potus, or copperbadge's Leader of the Free World verse, but anything that tickles your muse is welcome.

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Love your fic! Looks like you might still have a few squares open... I'll take Kane/Toews for 'allergic reaction' (or any other open square, I'm not picky about the prompt and I'm sure I'll like whatever you write)

I'll probably be donating to the Environmental Defense Fund just because I've been watching a lot of Planet Earth/The Blue Planet lately.

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Hey! This is a wonderful idea, and I'm not just saying that because I adore your writing ; )
Any chance Major illness/injury is still available, and if so can I request it with Tony Stark/Stephen Strange(I know it's not one of the character matches you listed, so if it doesn't work Tony/Bruce is also fantastic, but Stephen Strange is pretty much all that's keeping me sane right now, so I thought I'd at least ask). I will be donating to the EDF and Planned Parenthood, just cause, well, babies and clean air they need to breath (yeah, the world is a bit effed up).

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Can I claim washing/bathing? I'll take either Sid/Geno or Tony/Steve or Tony/Rhodey (as friends, if you don't do lovers). I'm donating to Planned Parenthood as we speak.

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